Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Massive blast rocks Texas fertilizer plant: LIVE UPDATES

Photo from user @mariahrain14
Photo from user @mariahrain14
A massive explosion has rocked a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas. Hundreds of people were likely injured, state official says. A nursery home was destroyed by the blast and numerous buildings were damaged.
04:34 GMT: People are coordinating the relief effort over Twitter, compiling a list of those willing toprovide housing to those who lost their homes in the explosion. There are also calls to donate bloodto local hospitals.

4:21 GMT: "It was like a bomb went off" - West Mayor.
4:20 GMT: Approximately 50 homes, one school, an apartment complex and a nursing home have been completely leveled.
4:18 GMT: KWTX reporter tells KHOU that the town of West is being evacuated partly for fear of toxic fumes currently spread around the area.
4:15 GMT: The Mayor of West says the fire is under control.
4:10 GMT:   @Newyorkist says Houston's KHOU station removed its tweet claiming that 70 people were confirmed dead in the Texas explosion.
4:08 GMT: West, Texas Mayor Tommy Muska tells NBC he had no information on exact casualty numbers as of 12:05 EST, but that the plant was "fully engulfed" in flames before it exploded.
4:00 GMT: Sixty-one people have been admitted to the Hilcrest Hospital in Waco. Twelve currently are in critical condition, said Hiclrest's CEO to CNN.
3:48 GMT: Law enforcement is advising residents in West to leave town immediately for fear of secondary explosion at fertilizer plant.
3:40 GMT: 70 people are believed to be be dead, including five firefighters and one police officer. The FAA has placed a temporary flight restriction over the surrounding airspace.
3:35 GMT: Dr. George Smith, Director of West EMS, told KWTX he believes there are between 60 and 70 people dead.
3:34 GMT: Between 75-100 homes and businesses have been completely destroyed with the number injured exceeding 200, as per ABC News.
3:30 GMT: The football field that was being used as an emergency command center and helicopter landing pad has been evacuated due to fears of a second explosion.
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